• Wreckhouse

Frank was born in St. John’s in 1954 and spent his childhood growing up in Shea Heights.

He left home at seventeen and traveled to Vancouver then moved to Toronto where he had various jobs one of them working at a supermarket owned by the Mafia. From that “stink hole,” so Barry calls it, he went to a men’s haberdashery store where he worked in the basement shipping and receiving men’s clothing. Once back to Newfoundland he floated around for several years with a couple of trips back to the mainland thrown in. During this time he worked at various jobs: bartender, laborer, wood cutter, shoe salesman, furniture store manager, sauna attendant, high rise antenna installer, trawler maintenance, landscape etc. etc.

Finally Frank got a job doing square dances with the traditional folk-rock group Figgy Duff. The group toured all over the Island. In 1979 he co-founded Sheila’s Brush Theatre Co. and has worked in the theatre as a writer, actor, dancer, and director ever since.

Frank has written 6 plays with his last ‘ 3 Dogs Barking’ produced in December of 2003. Frank is currently living in St. John’s and is starting work on a new play and a screenplay.

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