• A Friendly Invasion all

When John Cardoulis became part of the American military establishment, first as a civilian firefighting instructor and then as a member of the armed forces, he had no way of knowing just how long and intensive that association would become. The son of a Newfoundland-American union, he was always aware of his U.S. citizenship. But the entrance into World War ll had a direct impact on his life and future career. During his term of service, John graduated from the Denver Fire Instructors School, and served sixteen years in the fire services branch of the U.S. military and civil service, until his voluntary retirement in 1960.

After retiring, he continued to work in the field of fire investigation in Newfoundland and served as Provincial Fire Commissioner from 1978 to 1986. He had continued his association with the U.S. military as a member of the American Legion and served in the position of Department of Canada Command over all American Legion Posts in Canada, Ireland and Australia during 1977-1978.

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