• Beyond Belief
  • Beyond The Grave
  • A Day at the Races
  • Untold Stories: Mysteries of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Amazing Newfoundland Stories
  • Another Time, Another Place
  • The Hangman is Never Late
  • Jack Fitzgerald’s Notebook
  • Newfoundland Fireside Stories
  • Strange But True Newfoundland Stories
  • Where Angles Fear to Thread

Jack Fitzgerald was born and educated in St. John’s, Newfoundland. During his career he has been a journalist, a feature writer and political columnist with the St. John’s Daily News; a reporter and public affairs writer with CJON and VOCM News Services; editor of the Newfoundland Herald and the Newfoundland Chronicle. During the last years of the Smallwood administration, he was assistant director of Public Relations with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. He has also worked as Assistance Officer with the Department of Social Services. Jack Fitzgerald also hosted a regular radio program featuring off-beat Newfoundland stories on radio stationVOFM.

As well as writing about unusual happenings relating to Newfoundland and Newfoundlanders, Fitzgerald has also authored a series of Newfoundland crime and punishment stories as well as Newfoundland historical publications.

With the release of his latest book, Untold Stories, he has now had a total of nineteen books published, making him one of Newfoundland’s most prolific writers.

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