• I’d Rather Be Flying

Gary Hebbard was born in Toronto in 1948, the son of a Second World War veteran from St. John’s and a homemaker from Pouch Cove. When the family relocated to St. John’s in 1961 two young boys happily left the big city for the beauties of Canada’s newest province and consider themselves, now and always, Newfoundlanders. They were joined a year after the move by their youngest brother, who alone of the three holds a legitimate claim to the title. After completing his schooling at Prince of Wales Collegiate, Gary went to work for the VOCM radio network, then moved to Goose Bay, Labrador with CBC radio and television. He found his true calling, the print media, upon joining The Evening Telegram in the early 90s where he worked first as a reporter and today functions as a photographer who likes to keep his hand in the writing business. Outside working hours his passion is aviation. His reviews of aviation and military books can often be found in the pages of The Sunday Telegram. And, like his father before him, he cannot help but look up at the sound of a passing aircraft.

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