• Donovan’s Station
  • Escaped Domestics
  • Trouble and Desire
    Out of print
  • Hoist Your Sails and Run

Robin McGrath is the author of nine books, including Trouble and Desire (1995), Escaped Domestics (1998), and Hoist Your Sails and Run (1999), and has published close to two hundred pieces in magazines such as Beaver, Inuit Art Quarterly, Parchment, TickleAce, Fiddlehead, and Room of One’s Own.

She is a regular contributor to CBC Radio, has written and narrated three video scripts, and in 1999 won the Henry Fuerstenberg Poetry Prize, one of the Canadian Jewish book awards.

Her first play, A Mountain of Shoes, was staged during March 2002 in St. John’s, Newfoundland. She currently has a radio documentary on aging and landscape in production. Robin was born in Newfoundland and lives and works in Beachy Cove, Conception Bay. Donovan’s Station is her first adult novel.

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