• Tolerable Good Anchorage

Joan Rusted was born and raised in St. John’s and received her early education there. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science at the Memorial University of Newfoundland and holds a RSA/ Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

During the summer of 1994, Joan accepted a position as marketing and research co-ordinator with J&B; Schooner Tours. It is here that her abiding interest in her home city proved useful.

One of her tasks was to assemble a fact sheet, enabling the boat’s crew to provide accurate information about St. John’s, its harbor, and some of the more visible landmarks. The information thus presented left some visitors looking for more. It then became apparent to Joan that there was a need for a more comprehensive book that went beyond the simple fact sheet she developed. Her research resulted in Tolerable Good Anchorage, a concise history of the oldest city in North America.

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