3 Secrets to Writing Your College Admissions Essay

Today I’m going to give you four tips to write the best essay possible.

Number one, brainstorm. If you have a choice between several topics, pick your favorites. Come up with a few ideas to each one and sort of pick your favorite ideas and then free write on your top free ideas that you’ve come up with. Write basically a full length essay for each of your best ideas. Except don’t worry about what you’re writing because you’re just free writing and it’s not the official essay. Then you can go back and look and see which idea you think is the best. I think brainstorming and free writing are neglected. People don’t really think to do it, but it will really help you in the end because you’ll end up with the best topic and that will make writing the final draft a lot easier.

Number two, write the way you talk. When you’re writing your first draft, this is the most important thing to remember. An application essay is about you to decree an academic paper isn’t or shouldn’t be. So the main point of an application essay is for the reader and admission officer to get to know you. That’s why you have to try to write in your own voice. This is probably the biggest thing that you need to look out when you’re going back and editing the essay. “It doesn’t sound like me.”

Number three, ask your friends and family for help. In the editing process, you’re going to need some help. Your friends and family are perfect because they know you the best. They’ll be able to tell you whether your essay sounds like you, whether it rings through, as well as Helping you proofread and sort of line edit your essay.

Number four is proofread again. Maybe one more time as well.  You can never proofread your essay too many times. It’s not a long document so put on the work and make sure that there are zero mistakes. Even if it’s not really a big deal, you know a typo isn’t an each deal. It’s still going to kind of set the wrong mood. One of the admission officers is reading your essay. Again, have your friends and family help you out with this because sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes.

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