An Introductory Statement

Make sure that your paragraph has an introductory statement a topic statement that basically gives the reader an idea of what this paragraph is about and again remember one paragraph has one central idea make sure you don’t go off on a tangent you don’t go completely random ideas make sure everything flows from beginning to end today’s young people may be influenced by many things from films to websites to their peers so right away I’m going to talk to you I’m going to write you to the reader about the different external influences on youth again where am I going with this is that the media is not fully responsible it’s not solely responsible there’s lots of things that influence young people so it is unreasonable then.

So then connect this idea that whatever I said in the first sentence is unreasonable connects it to the next part it is unreasonable to to single out films and sitcoms as a main influencer of violence so what am I saying there are a lot of things that influence young people you can’t just blame out you can’t single out only films and sitcoms TV shows as the main influencers in other words so now what I want to do I want to expand on this idea I want to put it into other to fully explain what I’m thinking here kids may see violence and kindness greed and generosity and all other human behaviors in pretty equal measure everywhere so saying that kids only see violence on TV but they also see romantic movies right I see comedies they see happy people they see generous people they see kind people it’s not all about violence a little bit of everything is everywhere that’s where I’m getting with this idea okay they can witness all of these things in one news broadcast or viral YouTube clip just as easily as they can in an action flick so all of these emotions the kind is the violence they can see it in a movie sure they can see it in a TV show of course they can also see it on the news you always see things on CNN.

For example that are bad news somewhere somebody’s killing somebody or some people are killing some other people YouTube why did I put YouTube in here because I love YouTube know YouTube is a concrete example of where young people may be influenced outside of films and television YouTube is the next media you can call it that but that wasn’t really part of the question was it okay so YouTube is my concrete and action flick I don’t want to say movie again or film flick casual it’s okay to use slang as long as it’s appropriate to the dialogue or to the conversation we’re having here therefore I’m drawing a conclusion within my paragraph okay and I’m also linking my sentences there for blaming the entertainment industry is not only unfair it is also wrong in that it ignores the root causes of certain social behaviors.

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