Attractive Research Abstracts

The research shows really quite important that people readers will skip over articles if the abstracts are not attractive to them so abstracts for calls for proposals these are requests for specifically themed papers or chapters for either collected book editions or special editions of journals so what will happen is a call for proposals will go out on listservs or it will be advertised through various media and then what you would do is respond to their to call for proposed by writing an abstract usually these abstracts are much longer but there could start at 500 words and then be as long as 2,000 words depending on the core but really what you want to do with this kind of abstract is to respond to the core so you so you need to show with this abstract how your paper would fit into that particular collection of journal articles or book chapters so the reader will be assessing that whether or not it will fit into the theme of the book collection or Journal special edition. Find out how to make your research more attractive to viewer on Edusson.

So in this case if the abstract is weak it’s unlikely to be accepted I mean there might be other reasons why your paper isn’t accepted it could be that there are several papers on the same theme and the editors decided to choose only one but what I’m really saying is that your abstract needs to be strong if you want it to be included rats under conference abstracts which is what I know you’re all interested in at this point in time the conference abstract summarizes a presentation so there’s it’s a little bit different because you may not have written the paper at this point so you don’t have a paper to go along with the abstract usually conference abstracts are quite short but some conferences will ask for much longer abstracts so you need to respond to whatever the conference organizers ask you to do the purpose of a conference abstract is to convince the conference organizers or the reviewers of the value of your presentation for their particular conference so if there’s a conference theme you want to try and respond to the theme in the abstract.

Now not all conferences are very strict about this but usually conferences have themes and you want to try and respond to it in your abstract some conferences are more competitive than others some conferences accept all the abstracts other conferences only accept a certain number of abstracts so the difference between the conference abstract and a research article abstract is that the the conference abstract is submitted well ahead of the conference and possibly before the paper has even been written you may not have analyzed your data yet you may not be sure how this paper is going to work out but you still have to write the conference abstract and often that the abstract stands alone as the documents that has to convince a review committee and often conferences will have a process of blind peer review so you have to anonymize your abstract and you won’t know who’s reviewing it.

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