Humanities And Essay Writing

Do you know what is language what is fit data what is research what is humanities and what is social science language is the verbal source of communication among human beings human being is the only talking animal fit data means a data which is really relevant which may be primary data are secondary data the research is that when you are searching again and again and you create and you invent something new that is going to research humanities was against divinities the religious sciences in the past that was divinities and then the contrast was humanities what was what came from God so that was divine like Bible and other religious scriptures those were divinities and humanities were the human sciences so at that time you know everything was humility like philosophy art literature everything which is created by main dead subject was called humanities but later on we developed another discipline which is social sciences like political science sociology. Learn more about how to explore your essay topic at Edusson.

These are different Sciences Natural Sciences so humanities are now like more art literature languages history philosophy these are humanities while social senses are sociology political science economics these are social social sciences because in social sciences you have more empiricism you have more experimental approach while in humanities you have more like speculative you are just thinking you are just creating your own ideas from your own thoughts but you are not doing any experiment there is no empirical approach in humanities so there is a difference between humanities and social science so now language is both important in humanities and it is both important in social sciences in both these things are important now when we say that language is a fit data so it means that when you try to understand humanities and social sciences so the development of language now for example postulate which punjabi language these languages are not so developed English language is developed a lot so how in this language developed you know the British Empire the Enlightenment the secularism the separation of church and state with the development of philosophy political thinkers political philosophers.

All these people who are they the most of them are english-speaking people and today we see United States that is the most developed country of the world the best economy number one economy in the superpower so automatically you want you mean write in Arabic language for example you will write like that much noon and maybe a few verses in Persian language you have very good literature for half is in Saudi and roomy but you don’t have any scientific thing like any research I don’t think that in Persian language or in Pashto language you have any book of philosophy I don’t think so there is a single book of philosophy in Pashto language or in Punjabi language I don’t think so maybe Ronnie Hahn in Pashto but he is a point he did not write any original research in philosophy.

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