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This would be great for your English or Social Studies Classroom.
This “Checkers” Guide will allow your students to dig deep and analyze the famous and inspiring speech by President Richard Nixon. This activity packet will have them answers questions about the style and effectiveness of the speech. They will then use their answers to write a persuasive essay. There is also a guided interview template for students to reflect on lingering questions they still may have for the writer.

President Richard Nixon Checkers Speech Analysis and Writing Activity Includes 
➤Digital Link and Print Version
➤2 Pages of Guided Analysis Questions
➤Writing Extension Prompt
➤Interview Template
➤SOAP Stone
➤Main Idea Graphic
➤Historical Investigation
➤Who, What, When, Where, Why Questions

We got lots of requests for a structure your introduction that dives into Google Docs and shows kids how to use it to make an essay that is properly formatted.

This resource will show students not just how to use Google Docs, but how to properly format an essay!

What’s covered in this resource?

-How to create a new Google Doc
-Formatting your writing (font, spacing, etc.)
-Using tools such as Spell Checker
-Adding comments

This notebook is an independent publication and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Google, Inc or other 3rd party apps. The use of the term Google in this product is used to describe creative ways that you can use Google Drive in the classroom.

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