By David Benson

Unlike many who write about Newfoundland and the sea, poet David Benson is a seaman as well as a long time political activist. He and his family live an age-old tradition, yet must deal with a political system that discourages thought in the present and encourages an “unremembering” of the past.

Avoiding romanticism, he speaks with an authenticity born of experience and his voice is one that will not abide the common cant, the generally accepted, or the ‘easy way out’. From whimsical speculation about “going ashore on the Moon” to the conspiratorial drama of the “Manus”, David’s poems give us unique insights into the beauty and tragedy of life at sea, the joy of returning home, the unceasing struggles, the failures and the personal triumphs that have made the men “able and strong” and the women “mighty”.

Just as his poems of the sea wash the shoreline of our experiences, David’s poems of the past reveal their intimate and often overlooked connection to the present

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