By Francoise Enguehard

Translated from the French-language to English, this work of fiction, based on fact, tells the story of Victor Lemetayer who, at 18 years of age, has had enough of life on the family farm in Brittany, France. He dreams of wide open spaces and of freedom. One morning he makes a bold move: discreetly he gets ready and boards the Beloved, a fishing schooner bound for Newfoundland. Soon, in his wake, follows Marie-Joseph Menard, the prettiest girl in the county. She has never seen the sea, yet she will follow him all the way to Dog Island on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Four generations later, Marie-Jo’s great grand-daughter, Francoise Enguehard, retraces the voyage of her ancestors and tells the history of the fishermen who, at the turn of the century, fished the Grand Banks of Newfoundland or settled in the islands of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon.

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