Newfoundland elders: their lifestyles and values

By R.R. Andersen, J.K. Crellin & B. O’Dwyer

Healthways began as an exploration of changing health care beliefs and practices in Newfoundland during the first half of the twentieth century. The authors – an anthropologist, a folklorist and a medical doctor – sought to capture the changes through the voices of those who participated in them. One reason for the exploration was to look not only at the dramatic impact of changes in health care, but also in Newfoundland lifestyles. Their thought was that because of the changes Newfoundland’s older and younger generations may well have very different values and understandings about living healthy lives.

The voices of the elders are printed verbatim with silent editing to smooth reading. While the names of informants have been changed, most names mentioned by informants are as given.

The authors acknowledge their debt to the seniors – who, in typical Newfoundland fashion generously opened their doors to interviewers, and shared their memories and ideas – and hope that they have done justice to all that they were told and taught.

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