By Paul Bowdring

The Night Season is the story of Will, a disillusioned English professor experiencing an emotional and spiritual crisis. It is winter during the mid-1980s. Will has left his job, having almost ruined his love for literature by teaching it for a living, his marriage has disintegrated and he has left his home and young daughter.

The Night Season is spiked with humor and wit, delivered deadpan by the main character, wandering through the foggy Christmas streets of downtown St. John’s in search of some form of wisdom and reconciliation. Hard-edged but compassionate, melancholy but unfailingly funny, it is an exploration of the loss of love, of loss of purpose and of the soul’s need to find its true transforming task; and it weaves its way over this strange but familiar stony ground as quietly, patiently and mysteriously as a divining rod.

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