By Cyril Goodyear

Nunatsuak, an Inuit word meaning the big land, speaks of a man’s love for nature, his province and its people. Here, Cyril Goodyear, a former Newfoundland Ranger, RCMP officer, Provincial Court Judge. and avid sportsman, recalls the challenges and rewards of northern living with stories of ou;oor travel, adventure, hunting and fishing in Newfoundland and Labrador’s vast wildness. His appreciation of the land and his deep respect for those who live in harmony with it, shines through even in the most difficult moments – driving a team of dogs hundreds of miles to Goose Bay, being stranded in a raging blizzard, facing near starvation in the ruggedness of Newfoundland’s interior, and enduring the loneliness and isolation of being stationed in Northern Labrador.

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