By Robert Parsons

These twenty-six tales of little-known shipping disasters occurred on every coastline around Newfoundland and Labrador. These stories cross time and shorelines to explore the many mysteries and heartbreaking shipwrecks that have fascinated people for years. This collection goes beyond simple accounts of marine accidents to feature the towns and the lives touched by hardship

Raging Winds … Roaring Sea is about people and the sea. This book tells for the first time stories of little-known shipping disasters that occurred along Newfoundland and Labrador coasts. These tales of the sea cross time and shorelines to bring to life the names, the people, the towns and the ships. Here Robert parsons brings to the printed page many of the mysteries and shipwrecks that have puzzled and fascinated people for years. Stories in this collection go beyond the marine misadventure to feature the people, the descendants and the lives touched by hardship.

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