By Cathy Brown Murphy

Skydancer follows the lives of a family of Ravens, in particular, Wulf. We meet him, as well of Loki and Morrigan, his siblings, on their first day newly hatched. Their parents, Darkfeather, and Silver, are the center of their world until they leave their nest. When he fledges, Wulf discovers a passion for flight. As he grows, his love of sky-dancing grows with him and he learns many complicated and daring moves. But like all wild creatures, he lives a life filled with risk. Wulf’s family has a mortal enemy, Morphius, a powerful and dangerous raven. Wulf must face the possibility of life without flight when the older raven attacks him.

This is one of a number of tests Wulf endures as he grows to young childhood in the wild. Through it all, he and his brother and sister face life with courage and zest. But they cannot escape the curse of Morphius, and in the end, Wulf must face his enemy to ensure a future for himself and his family.

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