A Century of Newfoundland Short Fiction

By G.J. Casey and Elizabeth Miller

Tempered Days: A Century of Newfoundland Short Fiction is a collection of two dozen short stories by some of Newfoundland’s finest writers from the past one hundred years. The stories deal with a broad range of subject matter and setting: from outport to city, from sea to parlor, from love to lose, from tragedy to joy. There is a representative sampling from both male and female writers and a balance between well-known and more obscure authors. The stories are presented chronologically according to the date of original publication and where possible biographical sketches of the authors are included: John Avalon, Rev. Geo. G. Bond, Addison Bown, Frederick Chafe, William E. Coady, Tom Dawe, Elizabeth Dinn, Margaret Duley, Norman Duncan, Anastasia English, Michael Harrington, S.B. Harrison, H.M. Heather, Harold Horwood, Percy Janes, Ernest Kelly, F.M. Kennedy, Carmelita McGrath, Paul O’Neill, Helen Porter, Ted Russell, Janet Smith, Jean Stacey, Wanda Neill Tolboom.

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