The Argentia Story The Million Dollar Rock

By Eileen Houlihan

For many years Argentia, Newfoundland, was best known as a U.S. Naval Air Station. A vast complex, it was once an integral part of the North Atlantic defense system. In 1942, when the agreement was reached between the governments of the United States and Great Britain to expropriate the land for military purposes, more consideration was given to the move from a military viewpoint, than to the people being moved.

When the construction of U.S. Naval Station Argentia was complete, almost no trace remained of the village. Although the cemeteries were relocated to new areas outside the base, the homes, the fish stages, and the garden plots all disappeared under the roads, runways, shore installations and buildings of the new air base.

Uprooted! seeks to preserve some of the histories of the town of Argentia.

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