By Carl Leggo

Carl Leggo’s vibrant new poetry collection is a much anticipated and worthy successor to his popular first book, Growing Up Perpendicular on the Side of a Hill. In View From My Mother’s House, Leggo re-visits the motley characters who populate Lynch’s Lane, Corner Brook. But while these are, for the most part, character-driven pieces, Leggo’s extraordinary eye for detail and penchant for the act of metaphor place them firmly in the world of poetry. There is a special emphasis on female characters; Leggo also explores the coast-to-coast phenomenon of a Newfoundlander living in B.C. But he handles his subject matter deftly – by turns humourous, insightful, affectionate and always engaging.

View From My Mother’s House is a rich and varied collection, full of characters from a time now gone. Readers will enjoy getting to know the residents of Lynch’s Lane and find them difficult to forget.

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