The Saga of Captain Arch Thornhill

By Raoul Anderson

Captain Arch Thornhill served as the transition point between the traditional Newfoundland fishery and the modern ÒFactory TrawlerÓ fishery. Starting at the second hand in a two-man dory, he graduated to the captain of Grand Bank schooners and, eventually, was the first captain of the steel hulled side-loading draggers.

Raoul Andersen, an anthropologist at Memorial University, began his interviews with Skipper Arch in 1975, and the work continued long after Captain Thornhill’s death in 1976, with the finishing touches being completed in 1998.

The structure of Voyage to the Grand Banks has an introduction to each chapter written by Dr. Andersen, followed by the story as told from Captain Thornhill’s notes. Andersen has provided a bibliography, Êindex and end note to support, authenticate and, where necessary, correct minor errors in Captain Thornhill’s recollections. A selection of archival photographs augments the text.

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